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RSC container
RSC Container - Regular Slotted Carton - effecient corrugated designRSC - Regular Slotted Carton: This is the most common container and can be used for most products. It is a highly efficient design with very little manufacturing waste. If streamlining your shipping budget is a big concern, you may want to consider RSC's if you are not using them already.

FOL container
FOL Container - Full Overlap Sloeed Container - extra strength corrugated containerFOL - Full Overlap Slotted Container: This container has overlapping outer flaps to provide additional cushioning when stacked on its bottom panel, and extra strength when stacked on its side. This type of box is suitable for many general applications.

Auto-lock carton
ALC - Auto-lock Carton - one-piece corrugated, saves time and money!ALC - Auto-lock Carton: This container is made from one piece of corrugated and is shipped flat to the user. This design is a time saver for small volume shippers who do not have automatic set-up equipment. This design may be well suited for small retailers.

PTC container

PTC - Partial Telescope Container - added strength and resistant to bulgingPTC - Partial Telescope Container: This container has two components that overlap. The design has added strength and great resistance to bulging when subjected to overhead weight. This style is suitable for products that settle or compress, and its flexibility allows it to remain intact as the settling takes place. This design is ideal for shipping foodstuffs, pillows or other decorative items, and other soft items.

PTN - Partition - protects fragile items during shippingPTN - Partition: Partitions form separate cells within a container. This design adds protection for fragile contents (such as wine bottles) during shipping. Other forms of inner packing made from die cuts are available and can be designed for unique applications, such as electronics.


OPF - One-piece folder - corrugated, for shipping booksOPF - One-Piece Folder: One piece of corrugated is cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to form the top. This design is commonly used for shipping books and other items shipped as individually.

DCT - Die-cut corrugated packaging, inner packagingDCT - Die Cut: A cutting die is used where a piece of corrugated is cut to form a specific pattern. This design is useful in inner packing as well as forming one piece folding cartons with several other applications available.


PAD - Sheet: Corrugated sheet that is used to protect and divide layers.


MATERIAL - Stock refers to the items available to create your custom packaging.  We have a wide variety of materials and styles which may be used to construct your cartons, including the following Kraft, Kla, and Bleach White.  Also available are PMT color coatings, wax coatings, and pre-printed designs.  Please contact us to see what will be best for your business.

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