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What are the advantages of using corrugated products?
Corrugated is less expensive and lighter than plastic, wood, and metal.  Corrugated boxes fold flat for storage, are strong enough for stacking, and are resistant to impact and vibration.  Plus, our products are 100% recyclable!

Do you carry stock boxes?
No, but we can produce any type and size box and we have no minimum quantities.

What is the turn around time after an order is placed?
Our normal turn around time is 3 to 5 days.

Can my company logo be printed on my boxes?
Yes, and we also have multi-color printing capabilities.

What is tooling and is it required for all boxes?
Tooling refers to the cutting dies and printing plates that are used to customize the corrugated box or display.  Standard containers require no special tooling.

What does ECT stand for?
ECT, or Edge Crush Test, is the testing method used to predict the vertical strength of the corrugated board.

How do I measure a box?
Box sizes are measured by using inner dimensions unless otherwise specified.  Dimensions are based on the opening of an assembled box.  Looking at the opening, the longer of the two sides is considered the "length."  The shorter of the two sides is the "width."  The side perpendicular to the length and width is the "depth" of the box.

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